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Working with paper, having scraps is inevitable.  It seems so wasteful to throw away odd-sized pieces, so we end up holding on to these bits forever.  Then we have a box of random leftovers.  Now what?

Pinwheels!  Put all those wonderful, colorful scraps to good use!

They take just a few simple steps:

Continue fold in each corner, then put your pin through the middle and fasten.


Thanks Alejandra Valera of ohdeedoh for this tutorial!


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Walking outside this week, there remains a barrage of maple leaves along the street and in yards around the block.

Nope, it’s not fall by traditional timing, but it this is Austin after all; of course there are fall leaves around in January.

If you’re looking for something to do with all these leaves, we found an amazing DIY project! Turning leaves into a tabletop bouquet!

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Looking for a fun DIY New Year’s card??  We found this gem from Inna’s Creations.

It’s a 3D snowglobe card! How cool is that?!

Now check out the full tutorial on making them yourself!

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Living in the wonderfully warm town of Austin, we don’t get to experience that classic White Christmas feel around the holidays.

Thus we improvise with some lovely faux snow & ice!

And we figured other “warm city folk” would like to know where to find this festive chilly decor, so we have our favorites for you today!

1.  Glass Icicles from CG Sparks

2.  Liquid Activated Snow {a childhood favorite}

3.  The Penguin Ice Box Buddy

4.  Cookie Crunch & Peppermint Ice Cream loaf (who’d like to make this for us??)

5. And lastly if you want to spend the big bux, Second Nature has a home snow-making machine

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The tree is trimmed, the out-of-town guests are swarming your house and everyone’s had a little too much eggnog

You know what that means…

It’s time to wrap presents! And our favorite wrapping theme this year? Vintage!

We just love this wrapping inspiration!


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Feeling Cool

On this chilly 45 degree day (oh my! 😉 ) we’re definitely inspired by “cool colors”

So we have some blue & green treats for you!

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Needing a quick & simple project for the kids this winter break?

We found some great DIY Ornaments! [and bonus, a wreath made of ornaments!]

They’re the perfect handmade accent for your tree or mantle this holiday season {for full instructions on each, simply click the link in the name 🙂 }

  1. Lightbulb Snowmen courtesy of ColourLovers
  2. For the full tutorial and tips on making them perfect check out the full post here.

  3. Sandpaper Gingerbread Men from Mother Nature Network
  4. Materials: A piece of sandpaper, A used brown paper bag, Thread, Large handful of dryer lint, String, Scraps of used ribbon, Mismatched buttons, Scrap of old fabric

  5. Layers of Love Hands from Home Workshop
  6. Wreath of Ornaments from Betsy Boopsy

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