Useful Scraps

Working with paper, having scraps is inevitable.  It seems so wasteful to throw away odd-sized pieces, so we end up holding on to these bits forever.  Then we have a box of random leftovers.  Now what?

Pinwheels!  Put all those wonderful, colorful scraps to good use!

They take just a few simple steps:

Continue fold in each corner, then put your pin through the middle and fasten.


Thanks Alejandra Valera of ohdeedoh for this tutorial!


Last year’s Etsy boom proved the mass appeal of hand-crafted products and instilled a collective desire to “Do it Yourself.” With tight budgets and growing cultural acceptance and appreciation for things accomplished yourself, places for people to share these feats and offer tips are popping up all over the Web.  From handmade Pottery Barn-esque decor to a swing for the backporch, folks are finding all kinds of projects to occupy their time.

Most women will relate to our love of that kitschy feel every time you walk in to a store like Anthropologie {or better yet, gaze into store windows along the ever-changing SOCO here in Austin}. And just as anyone who’s found a bargain knows, when someone asks where you got that beautiful piece, your eyes light up and in a conspiratorial tone you reply, I GOT IT FOR 5 DOLLARS!! or in this case, I MADE IT MYSELF!  It’s all about the thrill of a “bargain.”

That’s why we love coming across really great DIY sites and we want you to know about them too!

1.  Instructables {cupcakes, fixing a bike tire, building snow sculptures of spongebob, you can find ANYTHING here}

2. eHow {generally more about how to do things than how to make things, but you’ll find some interesting things here}

3. Better Homes & Gardens- Do it Yourself {great projects around the house}

4. 5 Min {Everything explained in under 5 minute videos}

5. Craftster {Want to make a yo-yo necklace? Always dreamed of making your very own visual art journal?}

Walking outside this week, there remains a barrage of maple leaves along the street and in yards around the block.

Nope, it’s not fall by traditional timing, but it this is Austin after all; of course there are fall leaves around in January.

If you’re looking for something to do with all these leaves, we found an amazing DIY project! Turning leaves into a tabletop bouquet!

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A Snowy New Year’s

Looking for a fun DIY New Year’s card??  We found this gem from Inna’s Creations.

It’s a 3D snowglobe card! How cool is that?!

Now check out the full tutorial on making them yourself!

With 2011 on the horizon, you should be prepared. Don’t get caught using colors that are “so last year.” Embrace next year’s palette of bright, strong colors.

To keep you on top of the trend we’ve prepared this handy color guide!

Merry Wishes from MOD

We’ve had a blast making cards for all the amazing people in our lives these last few weeks; and they’re just too cute not to share!

Presenting… personal greetings from MOD, enjoy 🙂

Living in the wonderfully warm town of Austin, we don’t get to experience that classic White Christmas feel around the holidays.

Thus we improvise with some lovely faux snow & ice!

And we figured other “warm city folk” would like to know where to find this festive chilly decor, so we have our favorites for you today!

1.  Glass Icicles from CG Sparks

2.  Liquid Activated Snow {a childhood favorite}

3.  The Penguin Ice Box Buddy

4.  Cookie Crunch & Peppermint Ice Cream loaf (who’d like to make this for us??)

5. And lastly if you want to spend the big bux, Second Nature has a home snow-making machine